Print Jeans

Have a stain on your jeans? Embrace it!

Give your old jeans another chance!

Here is one handmade idea in seven simple steps.

1. Buy a textile colours (I used those for cotton and for silk and they worked great). Choose as many colours as you like.

2. With small, sharp scissors cut a pattern on a sheet of paper.

3. Take a brush and paint freely over your jeans using one or two of the lightest colours.

4. Place the patterned paper sheet over your jeans. Take a brush and using a darker colour paint/stamp through the paper over your jeans.

5. Continue like this until you have covered the whole desired area.

6. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Play with it!

7. When you are done with painting, you have to fix the colour by ironing it through a dry cloth.

That’s it! So simple! And you have a new unique rocking jeans!

Try it on, take a picture a share it with us to celebrate your new creation!

Happy painting!