What is Merino Wool and Cashmere?

Wool is the fiber that grows on the body of a certain animal – sheep, goat, camel, rabbit etc. It replenishes itself each time the animal is sheared and continues to grow throughout its lifetime. It is also the word we usually use when we talk about fabrics that are made out of fleece of these animals. Each type of fleece is different and therefore every wool fabric has its own properties.
Merino wool is taken from a Merino Sheep and has fine, soft appearance of the fabric. It is quite expensive. The distinction from other types of wool is its resistance to pilling.

Poster Poster

It is a poster made of posters.
I had this old Coca-Cola and Banksy posters for a quite long time and I got bored looking at them. So, one day I cut them into stripes and joined them into one big poster. It's been three years and I'm still not bored looking at it...

Stripe Spring Cushion

I've got a lot of colourful yarn from my mum for Christmas. We had a couple of sunny days in London, so I decided to knit this Stripe Spring Cushion to brighten up those less sunny days...
It's super simple, just knit stitch from bottom to top. All the fun starts when you play with the colour combinations.